Dark sector studies at the Belle II Experiment

Projekt: Belle

The Belle II Experiment at the SuperKEK-B accelerator facility has successfully concluded a preliminary run and will resume operations early in 2019 and will collect data for the next decade aiming at collecting a world record integrated luminosity of 50 ab-1 allowing for precision tests of the standard model in heavy flavour physics as well as the search of new and suppressed phenomena such as the production of low mass dark sector particles. HEPHY has a long tradition of contributions to the Belle and Belle II experiments and plays a leading role in commissioning and operating the Belle II Vertex Detector as well as in statistical and dark sector studies.

The successful applicant will work in the Belle II analysis group and will use data collected by the Belle II detector to search for rare phenomena with invisible final states using the most advanced machine learning techniques. In addition there is the possibility to contribute to either trigger or background studies.

We require Master (or equivalent) degree in Physics with excellent grade, documented knowledge of particle physics and detector technologies, knowledge of scientific programming languages such as C++ and python, very good knowledge of written/spoken English language and the ability to present scientific results, willingness to work in team, eligibility and willingness to frequently travel to Japan also for extensive periods of time. Proven experience in machine learning will be considered as an asset.

Applicants should send their CV and a motivation letter together with a tentative starting date to In addition, applicants should arrange for at least two recent letters of reference to reach the same address. The position is open immediately and should start early in 2019 and, in case of equally qualified candidates, priority will be given to female candidates. Application will be considered until position has been filled.

Contact: Gianluca Inguglia
Letters of Reference should be sent to: