GravitinoPack and decays of supersymmetric metastable particles

Autoren: Helmut Eberl, Vassilis C. Spanos
Gruppe: Theorie SUSY

We present the package GravitinoPack that calculates the two- and three-body decays of unstable supersymmetric particles involving the gravitino in the final or initial state. In a previous paper, we already showed results for the gravitino decays into two and three particles. In this paper, we incorporate the processes where an unstable neutralino, stau or stop decays into a gravitino and Standard Model particles. This is the case in gravitino dark matter supersymmetric models, where the gravitino is the lightest SUSY particle. We give instructions for the installation and the use of the package. In the numerical analysis, we discuss various MSSM scenarios. We show that the calculation of all the decay channels and the three-body decay branching ratios is essential for the accurate application of cosmological bounds on these models.