Inclusive semileptonic fits, heavy quark masses, and $V_{cb}$

Autoren: Paolo Gambino, Christoph Schwanda
Gruppe: Belle
Kategorie: Reviewed Paper

We perform global fits to the moments of semileptonic B decay distributions and extract |V_cb|, the heavy quark masses, and the non-perturbative parameters of the heavy quark expansion. We include NNLO perturbative corrections and recent determinations of the charm mass, and discuss how they improve the precision of the global fit. In particular, using the m_c determination of Ref.[11] we get m_b^kin=4.541(23) GeV and |V_cb|=(42.42+- 0.86) 10^{-3}. We also discuss the implications of the new fits for the normalization of rare B decays, the zero-recoil sum rule in B-> D* l nu, and the inclusive determination of |V_ub|.