SModelS v1.1: Improving simplified model constraints with efficiency maps

Autoren: Federico Ambrogi, Sabine Kraml, Suchita Kulkarni, Ursula Laa, Andre Lessa, Veronika Magerl, Jory Sonneveld, Michael Traub, Wolfgang Waltenberger
Gruppe: CMS Analyse

SModelS is a tool for the automatic interpretation of simplified-model results from the LHC. The new features of version 1.1 include the use of efficiency maps, likelihood and <nobr>χ2</nobr> calculations, an extended database of experimental results as well as major speed upgrades for both the code and the database. This document provides a detailed guide to SModelS v1.1 and how to use it. (LPSC17001, HEPHY-PUB-981-17)