HEPHY Master and PhD Day

9:00-15:45, Bibliothek

Idea of the event

Each student presents his/her work in a rather general way. (The goal is to enhance the information flow between the different HEPHY research groups. Everyone attending should get an overview of what topics are being worked on at the institute, of what the motivations and challenges concerning the own work are, etc…)

Keep in mind that the talks should primarily be aimed at students (and not necessarily at supervisors/seniors). Ideally, they should also motivate fellow students to ask questions.

Talk duration and schedule

Each time slot corresponds to 12 minutes of presentation + 3 minutes of discussion.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any time; please check back for updates.

Slides sharing

If you want to upload your slides to the indico agenda, you might be able to do it yourself after logging in. If not, send the slides to or and we will upload them for you.

If you will not upload the slides (keep in mind that the agenda page is publicly accessible!), please bring them on a USB drive in the break before the session of your talk, so that we have enough time to copy them to the room PC.


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