Supernova neutrinos: challenges and opportunities

Prof. Alessandro Mirizzi, University of Bari

14:00-15:00, HEPHY, Library

The detection of neutrinos from the next galactic supernova (SN) represents one of the next frontiers of low-energy neutrino astronomy. In this talk, I will review some of the lessons from such an observation where neutrinos largely play the role of astrophysical messengers, allowing to probe the SN explosion mechanism and to constrain the emission of exotic particles. I will put a particular emphasis on the flavor conversions of SN neutrinos. I will present recent results on self-induced effects, associated with neutrino-neutrino interactions in the deepest supernova regions. I will show how these nonlinear effects can lead "fast" flavor conversions near the SN core that would have a strong impact on the SN dynamics and on the observable neutrino fluxes.