Science&Art@School is a project to inspire young students with the cooperation of science and art through a three-day interdisciplinary workshop. Day one: The workshop starts with an introduction to modern physics with emphasis upon particle physics. Days two and three: the focus point is contemporary art reflecting upon science.

At the end of the workshop the students‘ artwork installation is presented during a public vernissage.

More information:

9. April 2014

The hunt for the Higgs boson. Pupils analyse data taken with the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment at CERN in Geneva. The Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences invited interested pupils on Friday, 28 March 2014, to participate in the International Masterclass 2014 in Vienna.

3. December 2013

On November 21st, the Carinthian Hands-On Science Center EXPI has invited the public to join in for this year's Open Day. A crowd of about one hundred enthusiasts seized the opportunity, and the last seat of the lecture hall was occupied when Prof. DI Winfried Kernbichler from the Technical University in Graz delivered a popular lecture about fusion energy.

2. November 2013

A few weeks ago , the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award this years Nobel Prize for Physics to Peter Higgs and François Englert . Our colleague Chiara Mariotti from the University of Turino reminded us in her seminar "How we found the Higgs Boson," of the thrilling days leading to the discovery.

05. May 2014
von Dr. Marko Dragicevic und Prof. Ramona Mayer: "Von der Technik der Grundlagenforschung zur hocheffizienten Tumorbehandlung". Der gigantische Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC am...
08. September 2014 - 12. September 2014
Dieser internationale Workshop ist eine führende Veranstaltung im Bereich der Quark-Flavour-Physik. Berichtet wird über die neuesten Messungen an aktuellen Experimenten auf diesem Gebiet, sowie über...
15. September 2014 - 28. February 2015
Ab Oktober 2013 wird die HEPHY Ausstellung im Rahmen einer Sonderausstellung mit dem CERN am Welios Science Center zu Gast sein. Es erwarten sie einige interessante Neuerungen!