Science&Art@School is a project to inspire young students with the cooperation of science and art through a three-day interdisciplinary workshop. Day one: The workshop starts with an introduction to modern physics with emphasis upon particle physics. Days two and three: the focus point is contemporary art reflecting upon science.

At the end of the workshop the students‘ artwork installation is presented during a public vernissage.

More information:

14. May 2015

In a study published in the journal Nature the CMS and LHCb collaborations report the first observation of the decay of Bs0 mesons into pairs of muons. The study uses data recorded at CERNs LHC accelerator in the years 2011 and 2012. On average only about 3 in a billion of these mesons decay into muons. The significance of this measurement is due to the fact that the presence of new particles or processes could cause substantial variations of this branching ratio.

8. April 2015

On the Easter weekend CERN’s LHC accelerator and the experiments were ready to restart after two years of preparations for the operation at higher energies. Within a few hours two proton beams were again circulating in the accelerator. At the same time the CMS experiment observed first collisions – in this case the collisions occurred between the circulating protons and elements of the accelerator and experiments and served for the calibration of the detector.

27. January 2015

Numerous scientists at HEPHY will head to Munich this February for an international workshop on Dark Matter at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics.

15. March 2015 - 14. July 2015
Die Sonderausstellung "Spurensuche" des HEPHY wird vom 15. März bis 14. Juli 2015 im EXPI in Gotschuchen, St. Margareten im Rosental gezeigt. Terminvereinbarung für Schulklassen unter...
20. March 2015 - 05. July 2015
Die interaktive Wanderausstellung - ein Projekt des ScienceCenter Netzwerks - richtet den Blick auf den Zwischenraum, in dem sich wechselseitige Wirkungen entfalten - zwischen Menschen, Systemen und...
03. June 2015
von Dietrich Liko (HEPHY) im Zuge der net:25. Am Mittwoch, den 3. Juni widmet sich diese Veranstaltungsreihe dem Thema net:science und richtet sich an die nationale und internationale...
18. June 2015
Für unsere jüngsten NachwuchswissenschafterInnen bietet das HEPHY beim Kindertag der Industrie ein Programm, das auf altersentsprechendem Niveau in die Welt der Teilchen und ihrer Erforschung...
02. July 2015
von Thomas Bergauer im Zuge der Ausstellung "Spurensuche - Die Bausteine des Universums" im EXPI in Gotschuchen, St. Margareten im Rosental. Im Jahr 2013 haben die beiden Physiker Peter...
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