Masterclasses for teachers

Target Audience

teachers willing to learn (more) about modern particle physics

What we offer

about once a year we organize a one-day masterclass for teachers, typically covering the following:

  • The standard model of particle physics
  • Accelerators and detectors
  • Exercise at a PC: analysis of original data from LHC
  • if possible, a live video conference with CERN; the experts there welcome any question
  • Information about the possibilites of excursions to CERN with a group of students
  • Presentation of the Masterclasses-programm
  • Presentation of our teaching aids.

Nächster Termin

  • 2.12.2014 in Wels

Diese Ausgabe der Masterclass für Lehrer findet in Kooperation mit dem Science Center Welios in Wels statt. Genauere Informationen zur Anmeldung folgen.

Program from the last Masterclass (with talks for download)

moderation: Dr. Marko Dragicevic


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