The Institute of High Energy Physics is a regular organizer of conferences and workshops on forefront topics on particle physics and detector development.

Meeting of the European Physical Society in Vienna 2015

Particle physics meetings

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Vienna Conference on Instrumentation

Every three years the Institute of High Energy Physics is hosting the Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (VCI). The VCI was first introduced in 1978 (in its former name Vienna Wire Chamber Conference) and has been established as one of the main conference on detector developments. A close relationship exists with the two partner conferences, the International Conference On Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics in Novosibrisk, Russia (2008 Website: INSTR08) und the Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors in Elba, Italy (2012 Website: PM2012).

Our team would be delighted to welcome you to the next VCI in Vienna! The next conference will take place 2019. More information is given on the webpage of the VCI conference.