Restricted European Committee on Future Accelerators in Vienna

The visit of RECFA, the "Restricted European Committee on Future Accelerators" to Austria took place in Vienna on Friday, April 6. Austrian institutes involved in particle physics research presented their work. After the presentations RECFA discussed Austria's particle physics landscape internally to give feedback to the Austrian community.


The purpose of RECFA (a subgroup of ECFA, the "European Committee on Future Accelerators") is to study the situation of particle physics in the CERN member states by visiting all countries at regular intervals. The Committee consists of one member from each member state as well as representatives of a few institutions (CERN, DESY, Frascati laboratories, INFN). In Vienna, presentations were given both by researchers from the various institutions and locations and by funding agencies. Also, the situation of high-performance computing in Austria was presented, and a Ph.D. student showed a view on particle physics in Austria from the students' point of view. The Committee will send a letter with the most important findings and recommendations to Austrian funding agencies. The event was very useful not only to receive international feedback on the Austrian situation but also as a platform where Austrian scientists from rather different fields in particle physics (such as accelerator-based research, astro-particle physics, and theory) could meet and discuss common issues.