Research at the Institute


The Institute for High Energy Physics was founded 1966, in order to actively participate in the research at CERN, which Austria had joined before. Consequently, most of the past (and present) research projects are linked to large Experiments at CERN, like DELPHI or CMS. Only recently, we joined other projects like Belle in Japan or the International Linear Collider. Moreover, theory groups work on supersymmetry and relativistic bound states.




Physics research at the institute relies on two pillars (also see Organisation chart):

  • Research Projects (Particle Physics)
  • Departments (Experimental Methods)

These two lines are "orthogonal" to each other. The departments ensure long-term continuity and apply their expertise to the various projects - as a matter of fact, this is a matrix organization. Typically, a HEPHY employee belongs to one department and more than one research project at the same time. The departments also run the infrastructure of the institute, such as the mechanical workshop, the computing systems like the Grid Tier-2 center or the cleanroom, while the projects ensure the participation in international research collaborations. Moreover, there are project groups for Outreach and the VCI conference.

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