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Implementation and Application of Kinematic Vertex Fitting in the Software Environment of ILD
Veröffentlicht am 26.01.2009 in Proc. 11th Int. Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS'08), UIC, Chicago, USA, 16-20 Nov. 2008

The vertex reconstruction toolkit RAVE has been extended by an option for the inclusion of kinematic constraints, and embedded into the ILD analysis framework Marlin. The new tools have been tested with an exemplary reconstruction of WW and ZZ decays. The presented results show the improvements achieved in precision of the fitted masses, and demonstrate the usage and functionality of the toolkit.

Autoren: Winfried Mitaroff, Meinhard Regler, Wolfgang Waltenberger

weitere Autoren: Moser Fabian

Kategorie: Nicht- reviewtes Paper