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LiC Detector Toy - Tracking detector optimization with fast simulation and its application to the ILD design
Veröffentlicht am 20.11.2008 in Proceedings von LCWS2008, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

The LiC Detector Toy is a fast single-track simulation and reconstruction tool, aiming at the optimization of tracking detector design, i.e. geometric layout and material budgets. Its implementation is based on the MATLAB system. Improvements over the last year include correct handling of complex forward regions (arbitrary mixture of cylindrical and plane surfaces), advanced detector description, flexible data presentation of the results (e.g. fitted track resolutions and impact parameters), and support by an integrated GUI. In addition a non-GUI version running under open-source OCTAVE has been implemented. The tool has recently been used for fixing the reference design layout of the silicon tracker (SIT, SET and FTD) within the ILD detector concept.

Autoren: Winfried Mitaroff, Meinhard Regler, Manfred Valentan, Rudolf Frühwirth

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Download: MV_Chicago_Proceedings.pdf
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