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SiLC Sensors for the Large Prototype TPC at DESY
Veröffentlicht am 04.12.2007 in EUDET Memo

The Silicon for the Linear Collider (SiLC) collaboration will participate at the Large Prototype TPC (LPTPC) at the EUDET facility in DESY. SiLC will design, build and install position sensitive detector modules around the LPTPC made of silicon microstrip sensors that can be used as telescope. The design of it will allow a simply exchange of the modules to enable tests of different sensor- and chip- designs. This setup will also help to verify if a silicon envelope for a future linear collider TPC is reasonable.

Autoren: Thomas Bergauer, Marko Dragicevic, Stephan Hänsel, Manfred Krammer

weitere Autoren: A. Dierlamm, T. Barvich, F. Hartmann, Th. Müller, H.J. Simonis (IEKP Karlsruhe)

Kategorie: Nicht- reviewtes Paper