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CP Violating Asymmetry in Stop Decay into Bottom and Chargino
Veröffentlicht am 26.11.2010 in Eur. Phys. J. C 70, 1017-1024 (2010)

In the MSSM with complex parameters, loop corrections to the decay of a stop into a bottom quark and a chargino can lead to a CP violating decay rate asymmetry. We calculate this asymmetry at full one-loop level and perform a detailed numerical study, analyzing the dependence on the parameters and complex phases involved. If the stop can decay into a gluino, the selfenergy and the vertex correction dominate due to the strong coupling. It is shown that the vertex contribution is always suppressed. We therefore give a simple approximate formula for the asymmetry. We account for the constraints on the parameters coming from several experimental limits. Asymmetries up to 25 percent are obtained. We also comment on the feasibility of measuring this asymmetry at the LHC.

Autoren: Helmut Eberl, Sebastian Frank, Walter Majerotto

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Kategorie: Reviewed Paper