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Results and further developments of the qualification procedures for the CMS tracker silicon microstrip sensors
Veröffentlicht am 28.06.2005 in Bibliothek der TU Wien

This diploma thesis been carried out at the Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences within the framework of the CMS Collaboration. Since the goals of the CMS experiment are very ambitious, the associated effort to ensure full functionality is accordingly great. Especially for the CMS Tracker project, where an amount of approximately 15000 modules have to be operable within the next few years, appropriate procedures had to be introduced to ensure the needed quality. The aim of my work presented here was to put these procedures, that were often based on experience, on an empirical basis by correlating the experimental results of the sensor qualification with the performance of the first assembled modules.

Autoren: Edmund Widl

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Download: diploma-thesis-widl.pdf
Kategorie: Diplomarbeit