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Results of the first integration test of the CMS drift tubes muon trigger
Veröffentlicht am 16.05.2006 in CMS Note 2006/072

Two drift tube stations of the CMS barrel muon system were exposed,in October 2004,to a 40 MHz bunched muon beam at the CERN SpS.The performance of the level-1 local trigger was tested at different energies and inclination angles of the incident muon beam. Data with and without an iron absorber between the two stations were also collected,to simulate the electromagnetic shower development in CMS. In addition,special data-taking runs were dedicated to test the level-1 Track Finder trigger for the first time. The present note describes the results of these measurements, focusing the attention on the efficiency and the noise rate of the trigger systems.

Autoren: Janos Erö

weitere Autoren: Ch. Deldicque, M. Bontenackels, T. Hebbeker, K. Hoepfner, H. Reithler, P. Ruetten, M. Sowa, C. Battilana, A. Benvenuti, F.R. Cavallo, G.M. Dallavalle, P. Giacomelli, M. Giunta, L. Guiducci, S. Marcellini, A. Montanari, F.L. Navarria, F. Odorici, A. Perrot

Download: NOTE2006_072.pdf
Kategorie: Reviewed Paper