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The CMS Drift Tube Trigger Track Finder
Veröffentlicht am 26.08.2008 in JINST 3 P08006

Muons are among the decay products of many new particles that may be discovered at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. At the first trigger level the identification of muons and the determination of their transverse momenta and location are performed by the Drift Tube Trigger Track Finder in the central region of the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment, using track segments detected in the Drift Tube muon chambers. Track finding is performed both in pseudorapidity and azimuth. Track candidates are ranked and sorted, and the best four are delivered to the subsequent stage, the Global Muon Trigger, which combines them with candidates found in the two complementary muon systems of CMS, the Resistive Plate Chambers and the Cathode Strip Chambers. The concept, design, control and simulation software as well as tests and the expected performance of the Drift Tube Trigger Track Finder system are described.

Autoren: Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz, Herbert Bergauer, Kurt Kastner, Barbara Neuherz, Michael Padrta, Herbert Rohringer, Anton Taurok, Janos Erö, Manfred Jeitler

weitere Autoren: C. Deldicque, M. Galanthay, H. Sakulin, A. Montanari, G.M. Dallavalle, L. Guiducci, G. Pellegrini, J. Fernandez de Troconiz, I. Jimenez

Download: jinst3_08_p08006.pdf
Kategorie: Reviewed Paper