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The Phase 1 Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Front-End Driver
Gehalten von DI Dr. Markus Friedl, DI Manfred Pernicka, Ing. Helmut Steininger am 23.09.2010 bei TWEPP-10, Aachen, Germany

The pixel detector of the CMS experiment at the LHC is read out by analog optical links, sending the data to 9U VME Front-End Driver (FED) boards located in the electronics cavern.

There are plans for the phase 1 upgrade of the pixel detector (2016) to add one more layer, while significantly cutting down the overall material budget. At the same time, the optical data transmission will be replaced by a serialized digital scheme.

A plug-in board solution with a high-speed digital optical receiver has been developed for the Pixel FED readout boards and will be presented along with first tests of the future optical link.

Download: friedl_a0.pdf
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