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Electronics and Mechanics for the Silicon Vertex Detector of the Belle II Experiment
Gehalten von DI Dr. Thomas Bergauer, DI Dr. Markus Friedl, DI Christian Irmler, DI Manfred Valentan, Mag. Immanuel Gfall am 23.09.2010 bei TWEPP-10, Aachen, Germany

A major upgrade of the KEK-B factory (Tsukuba, Japan), aiming at a peak Silicon Vertex Detector (SVD) is required. We will introduce the concept and system provides online data processing as well as hit time finding using

luminosity of 8 x 1035 cm^-2s^-1), which is 40 times the present value, is foreseen prototypes of the full readout chain of the Belle II SVD. Its APV25 based front- FPGAs. Furthermore, the design of the double-sided silicon detectors and

until 2013. Consequently an upgrade of the Belle detector and in particular its end utilizes the Origami chip-on-sensor concept, while the back-end VME the mechanics will be discussed.



Download: irmler_twepp_2010_a0.pdf
Kategorie: Konferenzvortag (contributed)