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The Origami Chip-on-Sensor Concept for Low-Mass Readout of Double-Sided Silicon Detectors
Gehalten von DI Dr. Markus Friedl, DI Christian Irmler, DI Manfred Pernicka am 17.09.2008 bei TWEPP 2008, Naxos, Greece

Modern front-end amplifiers for silicon strip detectors offer fast shaping but consequently are susceptible to input capacitance which is the main contribution to the noise figure. Hence, the amplifier must be close to the sensor which is not an issue at LHC, but a major concern at material budget sensitive experiments such as Belle or the ILC detector.

We present a design of a silicon detector module with double-sided readout where thinned front-end chips are aligned on one side of the sensor which allows efficient cooling using just a single, thin aluminum pipe. The connection to the other sensor side is established by thin kapton circuits wrapped around the edge - hence the nickname origami.

Download: twepp2008_friedl.ppt
Kategorie: Konferenzvortag (contributed)