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The upgrade of the CMS Trigger Electronics for SLHC
Gehalten von Dinyar Rabady am 17.06.2011 bei Gemeinsame Jahrestagung von SPG und ÖPG in Lausanne

The present trigger electronics will reach its performance limits when LHC passes the nominal luminosity goal of 10^34 cm^-2 s^-1. To keep triggering efficiently at higher luminosities will require higher granularity, more sophisticated triggering algorithms, and eventually the inclusion of additional detector systems into the Level-1 trigger. This has to be prepared in a step-by-step approach and already now work is under way to gradually switch to faster connections (replacing galvanic links by optical links where expedient) and pave the way for more powerful algorithms by using more advanced FPGAs. This will be facilitated by using commercial systems where possible, further developing and adapting them in close cooperation with industry and interfacing them in a modular way based on the modern microTCA standard. The advances in chip technology will allow to use floating-point operations in the trigger electronics, thus migrating to the first-level trigger capabilities so far reserved to complex computer programs. An overview of the main features of the new triggering concept will be given.

Download: SPS-OEPG_trigger-upgrade.pdf
Kategorie: Konferenzvortag (contributed)