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Belle Silicon Vertex Detector for the Super B Factory
Gehalten von DI Dr. Markus Friedl am 07.11.2005 bei Vertex 2005

The Silicon Vertex Detector (SVD2) of the Belle experiment at KEK (Tsukuba, Japan) is currently close to its limits in terms of the occupancy of the innermost layer and the readout dead time. In order to cope with further increase in luminosity, different levels of upgrades are proposed: Small improvements are possible in the short term by tuning the current system at the cost of signal-to-noise and crosstalk. In 2007, the two inner layers of the SVD2 will be replaced by similar detectors with faster readout electronics (SVD2.5) and in the long-term, a major upgrade of the full Silicon Vertex Detector (SVD3) is envisaged for the KEK Super B factory.

These upgrade scenarios will be discussed in detail from the hardware point of view along with the options under study.

Download: vertex2005_friedl_talk.pdf
Kategorie: Konferenzvortrag (invited)