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MicroTCA-based Global Trigger Upgrade project for the CMS experiment at LHC
Gehalten von Bernhard Arnold, DI Dr. Babak Rahbaran, Dinyar Rabady am 26.09.2011 bei TWEPP 2011

At LHC 40 million collisions of proton bunches occur every second, resulting in about 800 million proton collisions. The Level-1 trigger, a custom designed electronics system based on FPGA technology and the VMEbus system, performs a quick on-line analysis of each collision every 25 ns and decides whether to reject or to accept it for further analysis. As part of the Global Trigger Upgrade, the current system will be redesigned and implemented for MicroTCA based technology, which allows engineers to detect all possible faults on plug-in boards, in the power supply and in the cooling system. Additionally, reconfigurability and testability will be supported based on the next system generation.

Download: rahbaran_twepp2011.pdf
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