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Mag. DI Wolfgang Treberspurg
Mag. DI Wolfgang Treberspurg
Telefon: HEPHY: +43 (1) 5447328 - 39
Raum: 307
Projekt: CMS Inner Tracker
Fachbereich: Halbleiterdetektoren
Publikationen (Auswahl): Results from a beam test of silicon strip sensors manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG (06.05.2014)

Qualification of a new supplier for silicon particle detectors  (22.11.2013)

Backside doping profiles of irradiated silicon detectors (27.08.2013)

Observation of a new boson with mass near 125 GeV in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 and 8 TeV (20.06.2013)

Comparing Spreading Resistance Profiling and C-V Characterisation to Identify Defects in Silicon Sensors (12.02.2013)

Interstrip Parameters on Silicon Sensors for the Belle II Vertex Detector (22.01.2013)

Comparison of n-side strip isolation methods for silicon sensors  (22.11.2012)

Measuring Doping Profiles of Silicon Detectors with a Custom-designed Probe Station (13.08.2012)

Layout of Silicon Micro-Strip Ladders  (21.05.2012)

Optimization of Strip Isolation for Silicon Sensors (22.04.2012)

Manufacturing Process of Silicon Strip Sensors and Analysis of Detector Structures (01.08.2011)

Vorträge (Auswahl): Characterization of Irradiated Doping Profiles (14.02.2013)

Monitoring of the radiation induced effects of the CMS Tracker (21.09.2012)

Measuring Doping Profiles with Spreading Resistance Profiling (06.10.2011)

Production Process Analysis of CMS Sensors (21.07.2011)

Poster OEPG 2011 on Material Analysis of Silicon Strip Sensors (16.06.2011)

Scanning Electron Microscopy on double metal Sensors (20.05.2011)