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Silicon Detectors for the LPTPC Test Beam
Veröffentlicht am 01.12.2008 in EUDET Memo

The Silicon for the Linear Collider (SiLC) collaboration will participate at the Large Prototype TPC (LPTPC) at the EUDET facility in DESY. The SiLC collaboration will design, build and install position sensitive silicon strip sensors in the small gap between the LPTPC and its surrounding magnet with the primary goal to provide precise tracking information for the LPTPC. In addition it will be possible to test different silicon sensors and readout chips. This setup will allow testing a first prototype of a silicon external layer with the TPC prototype. The current status and first test results of the silicon detector modules and the SiLC DAQ will be presented.

Autoren: Thomas Bergauer, Marko Dragicevic, Stephan Hänsel, Manfred Krammer

weitere Autoren: A. Dierlamm, T. Barvich, F. Hartmann, Th. Müller (IEKP Karlsruhe)

Kategorie: Nicht- reviewtes Paper