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DI Stephan Hänsel
DI Stephan Hänsel
Projekte: CMS Inner Tracker, International Linear Collider
Fachbereich: Halbleiterdetektoren
Publikationen (Auswahl): Search for supersymmetry in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV in events with a single lepton, jets, and missing transverse momentum (31.08.2011)

Studies for the Silicon Tracking System of the International Large Detector at the International Linear Collider (14.02.2011)

Tests of a prototype for the silicon tracking system of the ILD concept (01.02.2011)

Silicon Strip Sensors with integrated pitch adapters (14.01.2010)

Test Beam with Silicon Detectors around the Large TPC Prototype (18.12.2009)

Beam test results for fine pitched multigeometry silicon strip detectors (16.10.2009)

Simulation of electrical parameters of new design of SLHC silicon sensors for large radii (08.10.2009)

Alignment of the CMS silicon strip tracker during stand-alone commissioning (30.07.2009)

Optimising the Strip Geometry for very Fine Pitch Silicon Strip Sensors (24.06.2009)

Performance studies of the CMS Strip Tracker before installation (09.06.2009)

The International Large Detector - Letter of Intent (01.04.2009)

Resolution Studies on Silicon Strip Sensors with Fine Pitch (30.01.2009)

Silicon Detectors for the Large Prototype TPC test setup at DESY (30.01.2009)

Silicon Detectors for the LPTPC Test Beam (01.12.2008)

Results from a first production of enhanced Silicon Sensor Test Structures produced by ITE Warsaw (01.09.2008)

The CMS Experiment at the CERN LHC (14.08.2008)

The CMS tracker operation and performance at the Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge (18.07.2008)

SiLC Sensors for the Large Prototype TPC at DESY (04.12.2007)

Quality of the CMS Tracker End Cap Silicon Strip Modules (14.02.2007)

Vorträge (Auswahl): Operation of the CMS Tracker at the Large Hadron Collider (09.09.2010)

LPTPC Silicon Envelope - Status & Plans (21.09.2009)

Silicon Strip Detectors for the Large Prototype TPC Test Setup (19.11.2008)

Resolution studies on silicon strip sensors with fine pitch (19.11.2008)

Silicon Detectors for the LPTPC Test Beam Progress Report (06.10.2008)

Combined test beam with LCTPC - an update on present status and schedule  (01.07.2008)

Silicon Envelope for the Large Prototype TPC @ DESY (25.02.2008)

Silicon Envelope for the Large Prototype TPC @ DESY (17.12.2007)

Problems during the Production of the Silicon Strip Detector Modules for the CMS Tracker End Caps (27.09.2007)

Silicon Detector R&D for an International Linear Collider (25.09.2007)

Qualität der Silizium Sensor Module für die CMS Tracker End Caps (27.11.2006)

Module Production Yield and Analysis of Faulty Modules (21.09.2005)

TEC module quality overview (14.07.2005)