• Development of silicon particle detectors for tracking and calorimeter purposes
  • R&D on radiation-hard silicon detectors for the CMS Tracker
  • Development of the Silicon Vertex Detector of the Belle II experiment at KEK (Japan)
  • Industrialization of the production of Si detectors for HEP applications
  • Work Package leader within EU project AIDA and AIDA-2020
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor


  • Since 2008: leader of group „Semiconductor detector development“ at HEPHY 
  • 2004 ─ 2008: PhD thesis (Several months at CERN)
  • 2004: Master's thesis
  • 2001-2004 working at HEPHY as technician
  • 1995-2000 Undergraduate study („technische Physik“, TU Wien)
  • 1994: university entrance diploma (college for electronics) HTL Hollabrunn


Granted third-party funding:

  • EUDET (2005-2010): Detector R&D towards the International Linear Collider (associated partner)
  • AIDA (2011-2014): Advanced infrastructures for detectors at accelerators (task leader) 

  • AIDA-2020: (2015-2019) AIDA-successor in Horizon 2020 framework (task leader)
  • FFG Project "Forschungspartnerschaften - Industrienahe Dissertationen" (2017-2020), project leader 
  • FFG Project "Forschungspartnerschaften - Industrienahe Dissertationen" (2014-2017), project leader 


  • Houskapreis 2014 (2. Platz)


  • PR "Experimentelle Methoden der Hochenergiephysik" (PR 141.A31 and 141.A46), TU Vienna
  • PR "Messmethoden in der Hochenergiephysik" (PR 260051), University of Vienna
  • VO "Grundlagen der Teilchendetektoren" (VO 141.250) 

Lecturer at international schools

  • Silicon Detectors in High Energy Physics, at "School on Silicon Detector Technologies" (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences), Tehran (Iran), 2011
  • Semiconductor Detectors in High Energy Physics at "The Actual Problems of Microword Physics" (Gomel, Belarus, 2009


Promoting particle physics to the general public by approx 3-5 public lectures per year


  • "Kosmische Strahlung in Alltag und Technik“
  • "LHC – die größte Maschine der Welt“ 

Audience: Adults (VHS, HEPHY exhibition), Kids (schools),…

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