• Alicia Wongel

    Standort: Apostelgasse, E10
    Telefon: +43 1 51581 - 2821


I am currently working on my master's thesis at Hephy for which I am working with the software SModelS. 

SModelS compares predictions for BSM theories with experimental data from ATLAS and CMS from the LHC. It makes use of simplified models which allow for model independent predictions.

I am updating SModelS to make it applicable to more scenarios. It is now limited to SUSY searches with missing energy. Additionally, all particle properties such as electric charge and spin are being ignored. 

To also allow for other scenarios, I modify the existing code and implement new modules that handle new features like the particle properties.  Additionally, I extend the database that SModelS uses to compare the BSM predictions to since with the allowance of new scenarios also additional experimental analyses can be included.

SModelS will be applicable to scenarios with the following properties: 
long lived BSM particles other than the LSP and decays with displaced vertices.


1994: Born in The Hague
2016: Bachelor of Science, Graz
2016: DESY summer school
2017: GSI summer school
10/2016 - present: Master of Science at University of Vienna
11/2017 – present: Master thesis at HEPHY, supervisor: Suchita Kulkarni