• Cenk Türkoğlu

    Standort: HEPHY, 211
    Telefon: +43 1 5447328 - 33


I am mainly interested in dark matter. In my master's, I worked at AMS-02 experiment which is dedicated to finding dark matter candidates called WIMPs through annihilations of them. I worked on finding the high energy gamma ray flux and pinpointing the positions where these gamma rays come from in our galaxy. I constructed the galactic map from AMS-02 data for gamma rays. At HEPHY, I am working at CRESST experiment which I am constructing the background components in the experiment. After constructing the background components, I will construct a background model to be used in the analysis. This background model will include one of the detectors from CRESST-II named TUM40 to understand the missing parts in the background model created before and the new detectors in CRESST-III.


CERN Masterclass on ATLAS Detector Z path simulation , Middle East Technical University – Ankara/Turkey, 18 March 2013 and 7 April 2014
- Translating the texts of the simulation students use and the website of the CERN Masterclass ATLAS Detector Z path simulation
- Assisting students regarding the use of the simulation and the analysis
- Contacting CERN at the end of Master Class and administrating the connection


CERN Travelling Exhibition, Middle East Technical University – Ankara/Turkey, 2 April – 7 July 2012
- Translating the texts of the exhibition from English to Turkish
- Assisting the guests by explaining the information in the exhibition

Publikationen (Auswahl)

Results on light dark matter particles with a low-threshold CRESST-II detector

G. Angloher, A. Bento, C. Bucci, L. Canonica, X. Defay, A. Erb, F.v. Feilitzsch, N. Ferreiro Iachellini, P. Gorla, A. Gütlein, D. Hauff, J. Jochum, M. Kiefer, H. Kluck, H. Kraus, J.C. Lanfranchi, J. Loebell, A. Münster, C. Pagliarone, F, (2015)