• Cenk Türkoğlu

    Standort: HEPHY, 211
    Telefon: +43 1 5447328 - 33


I am mainly interested in dark matter. In my master's, I worked at AMS-02 experiment which is dedicated to finding dark matter candidates called WIMPs through annihilations of them. I worked on finding the high energy gamma ray flux and pinpointing the positions where these gamma rays come from in our galaxy. I constructed the galactic map from AMS-02 data for gamma rays. At HEPHY, I am working at CRESST experiment which I am constructing the background components in the experiment. After constructing the background components, I will construct a background model to be used in the analysis. This background model will include one of the detectors from CRESST-II named TUM40 to understand the missing parts in the background model created before and the new detectors in CRESST-III.


CERN Masterclass on ATLAS Detector Z path simulation , Middle East Technical University – Ankara/Turkey, 18 March 2013 and 7 April 2014
- Translating the texts of the simulation students use and the website of the CERN Masterclass ATLAS Detector Z path simulation
- Assisting students regarding the use of the simulation and the analysis
- Contacting CERN at the end of Master Class and administrating the connection


CERN Travelling Exhibition, Middle East Technical University – Ankara/Turkey, 2 April – 7 July 2012
- Translating the texts of the exhibition from English to Turkish
- Assisting the guests by explaining the information in the exhibition