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The departments and project groups of the Institute for High Energy Physics offer timely and fascinating diploma and PhD projects to interested students. Moreover, we offer topics for students of physics at the Vienna University of Technology.

HEPHY members are also affiliate with the Vienna doctoral college "Particles and Interactions (DKPI)". More information here.

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DEPFET detectors are currently used for various applications, but not for direct dark matter searches yet. The successful candidate will set up and commission a DEPFET based detector system optimized for direct dark matter detection. He/she will analyze data taken with the setup to estimate the potential for direct dark matter detection.
Supervisor: Jochen Schieck
We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher working on simulations for future direct dark matter search experiments using cryogenic detectors. The successful candidate will validate the reliability of an existing Geant4 application against data from the current CRESST data taking campaign. Furthermore, the Monte Carlo simulation will be adapted to investigate the expected background components for future cryogenic detectors. To obtain the needed activity levels of support materials a dedicated radiopurity screening may be conducted.
Supervisor: Jochen Schieck, Holger Kluck
We are opening a position for a postdoctoral researcher in experimental particle physics. The successful candidate will join our team looking for first signs of New Physics with the CMS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

Doctoral Studies

Master's Theses

Hi-Tech in Austria
Supervisor: Thomas Bergauer
Strahlenschäden an CMS-Tracker Sensoren
What do the LHC results really tell us? Have we searched for new physics thoroughly enough? Have we missed anything?
Supervisor: Suchita Kulkarni, Wolfgang Waltenberger
a topic at the leading edge of searches for new physics at CERN's Large Hadron Collider: looking for light, supersymmetric partners of the top quark.
Supervisor: Wolfgang Adam, Ivan Mikulec
Improving physics in the electron channel with advanced track reconstruction techniques
Supervisor: Rudolf Frühwirth, Wolfgang Adam
In 2012, a Higgs boson was found at CERN. Do additional Higgs bosons exist? What are the properties of this Higgs boson?
Supervisor: Martin Flechl

Short term projects / Bachelor thesis

Mit echten Daten die Auswertung eines Hochenergiephysik-Experimentes kennenlernen
Supervisor: Christoph Schwanda, Felicitas Breibeck
Schnuppern von Reinraumluft
Supervisor: Thomas Bergauer


Wir sind ein führendes Forschungsinstitut der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. In Zusammenarbeit mit den europäischen und japanischen Laboratorien für Teilchenphysik (CERN / Schweiz und KEK / Japan) beteiligen wir uns an einem internationalen HPC-Rechenverbund zur Datenanalyse, dem sogenannten Grid. Zur Unterstützung und Weiterentwicklung unseres Rechenbetriebes (2000 CPU Cores, 800 TB in RAID-Systemen) suchen wir ab sofort einen IT-Techniker bzw. eine IT-Technikerin.
Supervisor: Dietrich Liko