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The departments and project groups of the Institute for High Energy Physics offer timely and fascinating diploma and PhD projects to interested students. Moreover, we offer topics for students of physics at the Vienna University of Technology.

HEPHY members are also affiliate with the Vienna doctoral college "Particles and Interactions (DKPI)". More information here.

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Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies on the indirect detection of Dark Matter
Supervisor: Josef Pradler, Suchita Kulkarni
Hunt for signs of supersymmetry in the data recorded at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.
Supervisor: Manfred Jeitler, Robert Schöfbeck, Ivan Mikulec
The Belle II group of the High Energy Institute of the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna (HEPHY) invites applications for a Ph. D. student position to increase our research activities on the search of low mass dark sector particles at the Belle II experiment under the FWF Project Number P 31361-N36 (Searches for Dark Matter and Dark Forces at Belle II).

Master's Theses

Hi-Tech in Austria
Supervisor: Thomas Bergauer
What do the LHC results really tell us? Have we searched for new physics thoroughly enough? Have we missed anything?
Supervisor: Suchita Kulkarni, Wolfgang Waltenberger
In 2012, a Higgs boson was found at CERN. Do additional Higgs bosons exist? What are the properties of this Higgs boson?
Supervisor: Martin Flechl
Low mass dark matter can be produced in electron-positron collisions and manifest itself in a variety of processes, from the direct production as decay product of dark forces to the interference in rare decay processes of standard model mesons involving invisible final states.
Supervisor: Gianluca Inguglia
What does data from the LHC, the world's most powerful accelerator, tell us about variety of new physics scenarios? By reproducing the steps as performed by the experimentalists in day to day analysis, you will learn about the power of current LHC data to constrain new physics scenarios.
Supervisor: Alberto Escalante del Valle, Suchita Kulkarni
In der Datenflut des LHC nach neuer Physik fischen
Supervisor: Robert Schöfbeck
Dark matter interactions with nuclei.
Supervisor: Florian Reindl, Suchita Kulkarni
Look for the dark sector of the universe using data from the world's most powerful accelerator
Supervisor: Alberto Escalante del Valle
Supervisor: Dominic Blöch
Masterarbeit im Gebiet monolithische HV-CMOS Detektoren
Supervisor: Thomas Bergauer
The Belle II group has a number of master projects available in the field of machine learning applied to the Belle II experiment.
Supervisor: Gianluca Inguglia
Using modern machine learning techniques to identify electrons and muons in the CMS detector
Supervisor: Robert Schöfbeck

Short term projects / Bachelor thesis

Mit echten Daten die Auswertung eines Hochenergiephysik-Experimentes kennenlernen
Supervisor: Christoph Schwanda
Schnuppern von Reinraumluft
Supervisor: Thomas Bergauer


Die richtige Wahl.
Supervisor: Claudia Wulz