• Rudolf Frühwirth

    Group Leader Algorithms and Software Development
    Location: HEPHY, 315
    Phone: +43 1 5447328 - 40

Research interests

  • Pattern recognition and track reconstruction in particle detectors
  • Vertex finding and fitting
  • Neural networks and machine learning
  • Non-linear, robust, and adaptive estimation
  • Mixture models of multiple scattering and energy loss
  • Estimation and data reconciliation with non-normal observations

Biographical sketch

1952: Born in Vienna, Austria

1958-1970: Primary and secondary school in Vienna, Austria

1970-1971: Military service

1971-1976: Studies of mathematics at TU Wien

1976: Diploma degree in mathematics TU Wien

1977-1996: Junior Scientist at HEPHY

1979-1980: Scientific Associate at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland

1979-1984: Working at CERN

1988: Dr. techn. in mathematics at TU Wien

since 1991: Married to Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter

1994: Birth of twins named Stephan and Matthias

1996: Birth of son Felix

1996: Habilitation (venia docendi) for Statistical Data Analysis at TU Wien

since 1996: Senioe Scientist at HEPHY

since 2006: Group leader, Algorithms and Software Development


2001-2004: Austrian Science Fund Project P15177, "Development of Vertex FInding and Vertex Fitting Algorithms for CMS"

2012-2106: Austrian Science Fund Project P24182-N16, "Reconstruction of Low-Energy Particles in the Belle II Tracker" 


PhD students

Erica Brondolin, Track reconstruction in the upgraded CMS tracker

Jakob Lettenbichler, Track finding in the vertex detector of Belle II

Master students

Thomas Madlener, Machine-learning assisted track finding in the silicon vertex detector of the Belle II experiment

Nikolaus Frohner, Track finding with vector hits 


TU Wien

107.A24, 142.340: Statistische Methoden der Datenanalyse (lecture)

107A25, 142.351: Statistische Methoden der Datenanalyse (exercises)

142.090: Statistik (lecture)

Selected publications

A general framework for data reconciliation --- Part I: linear constraints

Rudolf Frühwirth, Oliver Cencic, Computers & Chemical Engineering 75 (2015) 196-208

Track and vertex reconstruction: From classical to adaptive methods

Rudolf Frühwirth, Are Strandlie, Reviews of Modern Physics 82 (2010) 1419-1458

Clustering with position-specific constraints on variance: Applying redescending M-estimators to label-free LC-MS data analysis

Rudolf Frühwirth, D.R. Mani, S. Pyne, BMC Bioinformatics 12:358 (2011)

Redescending M-estimators and Deterministic Annealing, with Applications to Robust Regression and Tail Index Estimation

Wolfgang Waltenberger, Rudolf Frühwirth, Austrian Journal of Statistics 37 Nr. 3-4 (2008) 301-317

Estimation of the material budget from tracker data to improve the quality of the track fit

Rudolf Frühwirth, Moritz Nadler, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A 648 (2011) 246-253

Improved auxiliary mixture sampling for hierarchical models of non-Gaussian data

Rudolf Frühwirth, Statistics and Computing 19 (2008) 479-492

Selected presentations

Vertex 2015, Santa Fe, USA

Recent developments in tracking and vertexing methods (Eingeladener Konferenzvortrag), 04-06-15, PDF

Connecting the Dots 2015, LBNL Berkeley, USA

Constrained fits with non-normal distributions (Eingeladener Konferenzvortrag), 10-02-15