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Aus unserer Korrespondenz:

Tue, 23 Dec 1997

Dear Trekkers,
Namaste !

A happy solidarity !!!!

Welcome to Himalayan country of Nepal.

Trekking to Jiri - Merala - Mera peak climb- than Hongu valley via Amphu Labsta than Chukung to Namche, are one of the most beautiful and difficult one. How do you know all these proper routes information ?

Great Sirs / Madams ! It seems that you have already been in Khumbu region . We have done several times trek & expeditions on those routes in 097. In Amphu Labsta pass, every time fogginess & misty. According to our past experienced we never had problems to take summit of Mera peak but, did have one time weather difficulty to cross Amphu Labsta in October. Anyway, to make you sure that we are professional trekking & expeditions team of Nepal. At the end; you must travel/ trek at your own risk. Late April is the best season of the year for this route.

Cost: Group of 4 or more - per day 40 US$ each

Includes: Group climbing fee 300 $ & climbing Sherpa fee 300 $ (for a group up to 10 pax), trek permit, national park fee, all meals (including can food) down sleeping bag, tents (staffs tent, kitchen and dining includes,) down jacket, porters, guide, cook, Kitchen boy, ice axe, insurance of guides-sherpas-porters-cooks, stove, petromax, private bus to Jiri.

Extra, All personal and bar bills, client's tent (good quality- high men tent but, poor quality we also have here), ice bar, ice screw, stick, rope (150 mtrs), crom punch & hammer (can also rent here), your personal expeditions type equipments. 83 $ each for flight tickets Lukla - Kathmandu & etc.

If you kindly give us above businesses we'll be very much appreciated.

For more questions e-mail us.

Looking for mutual healthy trekking relationship. I remain,

Sincerely Yours, Sushil Pandey

Thu, 8 Jan 1998

Glad to have your positive response. Thank u.

Your questions our answers are given below:

* More or less 15 staffs depending on our luggages ( 1 guide + 1 Cook + 2 Sherpas + 11 porters ). Yes, they all have proper equipements.
* We have ' A' shape 2 men tent. 10 to 12 persons big dining & Kitchen tent as well as toilet tent. Can you Please bring high men tent only for you. we may not have enough because of peak Season. If it is inconveniance for you yes we do our best to arrange it.
* We use kerosin. We provide high camp cooker ( cooking gears)
* Of course, we will take porters in Lukla because flight tickets are very expensive and not reliable due to weather. Now days, Lukla has phone and it will make very easy to communicate. Experience guide, cook & Sherpas will be taken from our office in Kathmandu. It is possible to send unnecessary staffs / equipment from Mera la to Lukla.
* Naulekh Pk. is not permited by Nepal Mountaineering Association.
* Necessary to book flight ticket in advance.

We hope you' ll choose our agency. We thank you for your patronage for our future goal.

Reinhold (your friend) having information with us. Thank you for your kind introduction.

Let us have flight detail. We will pick up from airport with out any charge.

We will like to do hotel reservation for you. Cost 12 us $ ( dbl bed room with hot & cold water, neat & clean).

All the best.

Yours Sincerely,
Sushil Pandeyor, Krisna Lohani (Manager)

Fri, 23 Jan 1998

Dear Sabine,
Namaste !

Thank you very much choosing our very reputed agency, efficiency staffs.

Yes, all necessary climbing equiptments can be rented in Kathmandu near my office. You & our climbing guide together go to the equipment shop & choose whatever we need according to size as well as present time weather. Renting charge is not expensive.

Ok, no problems, we will provide you good clients tent for up in the mountain.

Our 5 Spanish team (clients) & 10 Nepali including porters are going on 27 Jan '98 to Mehra Peak for 13 days. We Know this is not the best time but, our group want to try.

Sometime we may need helicopter if some one get very sick. Please do not forget to make accident insurance in your country to avoid risk incase of emmergency. In Nepal, Helicopter charter cost 1000 US $ per hr . Charter companies count from Kathmandu airport to Kathmandu airport total flying hours. All this risks; neither you nor our company can pay but, bill come to you only if needed by you. For this, you or your friends need to claim your insurance company by presenting necessary bills which is valid after the problems slove.

Looking forward hearing from you very soon.

All the best.

Sincerely Yours,
Sushil Pandey

Sat, 24 Jan 1998

Dear Sabine,
Good morning !

Ok, we would like to confirm that 40 us $ /person/day holds also for a group of 3.

We take care for good tent including extra tent. Don't worry.

Crompunch is a gear to wear on shoes (foot) when we walk on snow. It has sharp nail.

Ice bar is small gear to walk which has small whole to protect snow & slipery. These are very cheap in Nepal than your country.

I understand you are now well prepared. Thank you dear.

Thank you for your good luck comment of Mera peak.

I find myself that we become very close friend by e-mail. I also hope that you & our team member will make us close relationship ever than before by successing our journey.

I will email to Reinhold a week after for Dhaulagiri trek. He will know in advance how we are & how your trip would be according to your comment & our enthusiastic.

For Lukla flight we do need to make early reservation. As soon as you know the detail please let me know including clients name. Don't forget have minimum 2 or 3 days in Kathmandu after your arrival from Austria because we want to prepare things in front of you to make sure we are well prepared for 30 days.

All The best

Sincerely Yours,
Sushil Pandey

Tue, 27 Jan 1998

Dear Sabine Kraml,
Namaste !

We got your e-mail dated 26 Jan with all schedule for our trek. Thank you.

We will come at airport to receive you on 12 Apr at 12.30. If any thing is changed like flight time or delay of the flight at Delhi please give us call where ever you are. Please make sure with your ticketing agent that you are in save position to be in right time. In case, if not, still we can managed it.

* Amphu to Lukla 4 days long walk ok * Lukla to KTM flt is not 100 % reliable like intl flt. That is why please, it is suggested to have flt reservation on 13 May instade 14 May. However helicopter is more reliable than small plane. I will let you know ASAP.

Our guides & Sherpas are very satisfied with your sweet detail itineraries. Of course its make very easy to handle group.

Thank you for your kind support.

All the best.

Sincerely Yours,
Sushil Pandey.

Thu, 26 Mar 1998

Dear Sabine
Namaste !

April 11 at 8 PM, we will cantact & get Certec Bag from Mr. Widerhofer at Kathmandu Guest House. If possible, it will be so nice to have one telephone call by Mr. Widerhofer after check in Hotel in Nepal.

This week two group went to Mera and Amphu laptse Pass. They were successed Mera peak and could not successed Amphu Laptsa Pass. They told us everywhere snow and could not find way. This trip was not leading by our company. I hope we can pass Amphu. Your (our) climbing guide also went this morning to Mera Peak Base camp with other foreigners. He will arrive 10 of April in Kathmandu. He will explain the latest news.

Thank you for your advertisement to others.

Yours Sincerely,
Sushil pandey

Mon, 30 Mar 1998

Dear Sabine,
Good morning !

Sorry for late reply. In Khumbu region, weather is very clean that is why, heavy snowy. I hope after two weeks it will become better.

Our guide is in Mera Base camp now. Mingbo La and Amphulaptsa are similer. We will see and decide at the spot & consult among the team as an alternative. I hope, there won't be any weather problem during the trip. When you are in Kathmandu we will hear latest news of our expeditions by our guide.

Are you bringing high camp stove (kerosen / gas ) or not ? If not, after your arrival in Kathmandu, our guide and you go together to expedition shops and we will buy it as per our need.

I find, you are very kind & brave. Welldone !!

Sincerely Yours,

Wed, 8 Apr 1998

Dear Kraml,
Namaste !

Your time is passing to Nepal trip, isn't it ?

Hey, I have bought two new high men tent this morning which is very good. Yesterday, I bought 3158 gm gas and two gas stove, as well as porter's jacket. My guide is in Mera and arrived in Kathmandu on 11th of April. And other necessary things we have already prepared. Food list we will prepared after your arrival according to our group interest. Today weather is little bit cloudy. Tempreture in Kathmandu minimum 12 digree and maximum 26 digree. I had issued plane tickets this morning. All I want to say we are welprepared for Amphulaptsa.

With warm regards & see you at airport.

Sincerely yours,
Sushil Pandey

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