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Last update January 7, 2014


Hi! I am Suchita Kulkarni. This is my webpage, where I keep track of my research and fun. Plase feel free to browse through and contact me if you have any qestions.

I am a postdoc in the newly set up group of Josef Pradler at HEPHY, Vienna. I work on interconnections between particle physics and cosmology. During my PhD, I worked on the connections between Cosmology and Particle Physics. In these exciting days of first results from LHC and it's run with 8 TeV collisions, I am working on implications of these results in the context of Supersymmetry while continuing to work on aspects of dark matter.

A bit about my work


Physics is not only predictive but also helps us understand delicate balance between various aspects of nature in a quantitative way. Many branches of physics, like nuclear physics and atomic physics are interdependent. To a good extent understanding one branch demands a deep knowledge of another. Cosmology/astrophysics and particle physics is one such example. The phenomena on small scales have affected the history of the universe on large scales. Theoretical understanding of observed facts in astronomy has often been proven easy with the help of particle physics, the analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background for example. On the other hand, solutions to puzzles like solar neutrino problem, has improved our understanding of particle physics. As a physicist am interested in working on the links between particle physics and astrophysics/cosmology.

More specifically, I am involved in developing SModelS, a code using simplified model results at the LHC. I am also a contributor to MadAnalysis public database framework. I am supporter of open access data philosophy at the LHC and actively available to discuss various ways in which data can be made available.

A bit about me


My name is Suchita Kulkarni. I come from Mumbai, India. I completed my PhD with Manuel Drees at Bonn, Germany. After which I completed my first postdoc spanning 3 years in Grenoble in a very simulating group of Sabine Kraml. My name, often gets too complicated to be universally standardized, so I am often called as Suchi and confused with Japanese food Sushi.

Apart from work, photography is one of my main hobbies. I am a somewhat random person and sometimes I sketch or paint or write poems. You can have a look at my Smugmug pages and G+ stream using links on left hand side of this page. If the weather is not too cold for an Indian, I often dream to go for camping and climbing. Mostly, I just end up hiking and a little bit of climbing. When the weather is cold enough for snow to stay, I like to go skiing. Some times, you can find me on the salsa and Irish dance floor as well.