Object-Orientation FAQ

86 OODB Driver

How many drivers do you put on your client to simultaneously access: 
And how many more do you add when you have on the same client: 
  Smalltalk apps
  Visual Basic apps
  Visual C++ apps
  Java applets 
How would you like to have one database driver that is free that you can
download off the Internet? And how would you like that driver to be a Web
development kit so that any data you access from your OO apps can be brought
up simultaneously as a Web database server? 
If you are a developer that has any variation of these problems you owe it
to yourself to take a look at a product that was just announced today: 
This is object-oriented middleware built in C++ that does true object passing
between the database and application environments. The guy the engineered it
wrote the first CORBA spec for the OMG (although this particular product is
engineered for high performance DB access and not CORBA). 
It's taken six months to convince VMARK to put this on the net for free. It
is the real stuff and is used in large production sites worldwide. For
example, the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens serves the net using this middleware:
Jeff Sutherland
Only two simultaneous users. 

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