Object-Orientation FAQ

88 Use Cases

From Ed Berard 
A 15-page article titled "Be Careful With 'Use Cases'" presents a brief introduction to use
cases, and discusses the problems that some software engineers, and some software
engineering organizations, have in making effective use of use cases. It does include a
The article is available in several different formats, and via several different mechanisms: 
      If you have access to the World Wide Web:
	    Surf to http://www.toa.com/ and select the "On-Line Documents" button.
	    The article is available in plain text, html (hypertext markup language), and pdf
	    (Adobe's portable document format). Select the appropriate web page and obtain
	    the article.
	    You can also go directly to the appropriate web page by linking to one of the
		   http://www.toa.com/pub/html/use_case.html (for the html version)
		   http://www.toa.com/pub/Acrobat/use_case.pdf (for the pdf version)
		   http://www.toa.com/pub/use_case.txt (for the text only version)
      If you have ftp access:
	    Via anonymous ftp, connect to ftp://ftp.toa.com/pub 

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